Centering and Folding Sheets
Centering and Folding Sheets

Centering sheets is made out of different material and sizes of Quality sheet metal and Angels. It is main supporting item for building construction slab, beam, etc. Centering Sheets are bulk manufacturing product in our work shop and we have excellent technique for manufacturing centering sheets by leveling corner with the help of die which makes our Centering Sheet best in quality. All the products we supply are custom made so we follow higher standard making compared to that of market standards.

Technical Details:

  • Angled welded sheets 14 gauge with angle 25x25x5mm plug welded.
  • Perfect Corner rigidity
  • Easy Handling


  • High durability
  • Competitive prices
  • Superlative performance

We provide centering and folding sheets of different measurements listed below are measurements of the sheet we provide.

CENTERING SHEETS:                                     FOLDING SHEETS:
3 X 2 ¼ FEET                                                     3 X 1 3/4 FEET
3 X 2 FEET                                                         3 X 1 ½ FEET
                                                                            3 X 1 ¼ FEET


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